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packshot of saffron rosewater pistachio ice cream

The traditional Persian style ice cream

I used to eat with my mom when I was a kid. In Iran we call this bastani sonnati. This ice cream offers a unique experience in your mouth. The saffron ice cream is smooth and silky. The rosewater will open a unique aroma layer. While the ice melts on your tongue you'll encounter small pieces of Persian pistachios. It's not ice cream, it's poetry.

500ml tub - € 15



packshot of tahini stracciatella ice cream

Open sesame

The tahini adds a nutty base to mix with the cream. The frozen chocolate stracciatella adds the crunchy bite. Together they combine salt and sweet.

500ml tub - € 15


A classic combo from the Middle East

This flavour was my first favourite. Coffee with cardamom is a classic combination in the Middle East. In Lebanon and Turkey people drink their coffee with a whiff of cardamom. At the moment it is very popular in Israel. It's the classic mocha flavour, but with a touch of Middle Eastern mystery.

500ml tub - € 15



Some say we doubled the pistachios. We just say they're Persian.

You might have eaten pistachio ice cream before, probably at an Italian gelateria. But have you eaten Persian Pistachio ice cream? Persian Pistachios are big and bright green and they are packed with flavour.

500ml tub - € 15




Not for the uninitiated

Almonds are used a lot in the Persian kitchen, not only for dessert but also in the main courses. The orange blossom aromas are a perfect surrounding for the marzipan flavour the almonds evoke. This is one of our strongest flavours in our range.

500ml tub - € 15



packshot of yoghurt pommegranate ice cream

Froyo, but make it Persian

This is a favourite in Iran, my home country. The yoghurt ice cream creates a nice round flavour bed for the tanginess the pomegranate adds next to its sweetness. It's also great for breakfast.

500ml tub - € 15


Tickles all your senses

Warning! This one is addictive. This ice cream has strong aromas. After the aromas come in with a hit, the honey calms down your taste buds. After a couple of spoons, the lavender will slightly sedate your mouth.

500ml tub - € 15


packshot of fleur de lait ice cream

No introduction needed

Vanilla doesn't need any further explanation. Or maybe just this: our ice cream basis, to which we add the vanilla flavour, is made with less sugar than usual. It's sweet but not too sweet.

500ml tub - € 15


packshot of chocolate ice cream

Is it chocolate with ice cream or ice cream with chocolate?

I made the chocolate ice cream very very chocolate. So it's not just white ice cream with some chocolate flavour. It's actually packed with dark chocolate which gives it an intense flavour.

500ml tub - € 15